Slaying Old Demons

From Adventures

It’s tough to admit, especially for someone who makes his bread doing IT and web design, but I am not that solid with math. As a high school student I was lazy and opportunistic, thus not committing myself to anything academically challenging. If not for my good buddy Dave, I would not have passed many math/science courses back in high school. Seriously, I was a bum.

In college and the Peace Corps I got really interested in language and humanities and social science and such … And this lead to a whole world of cool stuff … Like reading awesome books and learning Russian and thinking about really big things. Still, the monkey on my back which is math/science remained.

Fast forward to 2007. I got interested in computers. I looked away law school acceptance letters and signed up for Introduction to C++ at SF City College. Thus began my journey into the quantitative … And, indeed, this adventure continues to this day … I’m in my third year of CS classes at SF City College, can de-reference a pointer, and know that re-starting a computer will solve a large percentage of its ills. Still, my math skills are weak. In my CS classes, we need to use math, but this a little different than studying it in the raw.

Then the other night, Pontz brings a gem into our house. His name is Sal Kahn, and I am enthralled. Sal has made like twelve hundred videos covering all sorts of topics, especially math-related topics, and I have now watched about a dozen of these. My goal is to do the entire algebra / trig / precalc / calculus series, and then move onto stats and physics.

Who knows where this will all lead. But I am stoked for the time being, and eager to slay another old demon.

Oh yeah, if you want to check out Sal’s site, you can get to it here: