Month in Review: Oracle Database Admin (CS151B) Lectures 10-14 + Midterm

Dudes, Dudettes, fellow classmates … Again, a thousand apologies for my lag with posting the notes … But, if you have made it through lecture 14 of this class, you’re nails as all hell, and probably don’t need these too much.

So yeah, this has been a pretty rad month for our CS151B course, with my personal highlight coming when I got to man our Linux system for a few hours and install Oracle 11g R2 in front of the class, with everyone calling out commands and trouble-shooting and correcting my typos and what not. It was one of the coolest academic experiences I have ever had, and working with all my classmates to produce something — an 11g install — was just incredibly gratifying. You are friggin awesome fellow CS151B’ers! Also, we had Abbas there, so everything was aces.

From Tech – Assorted

Below are a whole schlew of notes ranging from our midterm review, to granting privileges, to physically installing Oracle, to managing backups and recoveries, to random Unix fun facts straight from the source — Abbas! I hope that you can find some useful info in here. Cheers!

Also, one more thing, Rocci and I are off to Word Camp tomorrow — Rad!

Midterm Review

Lecture 10

Lecture 11

Lecture 13

Lecture 14