SF to Bodega Bay (and back)

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Hello All.

The original plan was to try and bike all the way up to Jenner (100 miles north of the city) on Saturday, and then ride the hundred back on Sunday… But a slight headwind, combined with towing a decently weighed down trailer, inspired your tireless blogger to call it a day after pushing 75 miles north to Bodega Dunes campground on Saturday. Nevertheless, the entire trip was amazing, and the 150 miles these exhausted legs have to show for the distance is well worth it.

Let’s start with Friday evening … I got the gear ready in my room.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Just as I finished packing, the whole crew roles out the finishing touches on a ridiculously ridiculous pasta dinner (in the rusty nail!). Studs.

When Kyle had asked what he should cook that evening, I told him to help me carbo load … and, no joke, homey made the largest bowl of pasta I’d ever seen.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Up at 5:00 and out the door at 6:00.

Hitting the road early afforded me this gnarly mystical cruise over the Golden Gate.

I gotta admit though, charging through the fog just as the day started was kinda intense. Just starting the day that early makes me feel like there is so much ahead of me.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

But as I climbed through Marin the fog began to slowly recede, and the day gently warmed.


From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

And then it got real.

As I rode through Samuel P. Taylor it really began to hit me … That I was doing this.

Okay … So, I have never camped alone. And Ya know, even though I would like to think of myself as a pretty adventurous guy, the thought of trekking out to a unknown camp spot hours and hours north made me kinda anxious. Just the mystery of it … well that combined with solitude … It made me scared.

But cruising through the redwoods empowered my soul like nothing else.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

After coffee and huevos rancheros in Point Reyes Station, I climbed out of Tomales Bay, and onto the rolling golden hills of Sonoma.

So, so, so challenging. This pic was at about the 50 mile mark, and the roller coaster like hills had really begun to pound on me.

But the California glory was out in full force.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

So … 8 hours and 5 minutes after I had left the house, I pulled into the Bodega Dunes campground.

My feelings were mixed. Now, usually when you get into camp (especially after an ass-kicking day like that) you are stoked beyond all stoke. But I was lonely. I missed my friends, ya know … My fellow adventurers. It was like a year ago that Pontz and I had gone on our first tour (this is only the second tour of my life still) and what with all the amazing backpacking adventures JR and Danch and Mikey and Schertzer have been on with me, and how I used to charge mountains with my brother and Dad as a little kid … well, getting to camp just didn’t feel the same.

Also, I missed Di. Real bad. We had been up to Bodega a few months of ago, and my heart was aching for her.

But … Your blogger trekked on.

I walked down to the ocean and kicked it.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

I’d even stopped at the store just before and grabbed a sixer.


From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Then just cause it felt like what I should do, I walked down the beach.

I walked hella far. And all these folks on horses were cruising around.

Very cool.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

This little dude even washed on shore.

Hiya There …

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

And just as the beach turned into cliffs, and I couldn’t walk any further, I came up to this cave.

Are you kidding me!

This is already the most solitary introspective day I have had since Ukraine, and I come upon a fucking cave.

Seriously, Plato. Seriously.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

… Spent the rest of the afternoon killing time and walking down the beach.

By this point it was starting to even out. I was just so knackered … And spending those hours walking real slow down the beach, thinking about my Love, pondering life, just hangin out with myself really … I feel like it got really cool.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

So I get back to camp and a mob of like 15 cyclists shows up.

Rad. Totally rad.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

I cooked up my personal camping favorite of Trader Joe’s Indian food.

It was legit.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

There was this French couple I sat next to while chowing.

They were steaming corn dogs. It was the first time in their lives they had ever tried one.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

At 8:45 PM I went to bed.

And with thoughts of family and friends on my mind, I fell into a blissful 10 hour sleep.

It was perfect.

In the AM I Got up and made a solid little brew.


From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Packed up.

It was time to hit the road.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

Crawling through a warm AM fog, I slowly pushed southward.

Very stoked.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

… And the Bob Trailer.

What a stud.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

So I get home and what better way to conclude the trip than a surprise chill sesh with my old high school crew.

Seriously, so crazy.

After one of the more solitary weekends of my life, I get to see these guys.

From SF to Bodega Bay and Back

… And now off to Serider’s birthday, followed by barting out to Berkeley to see Di.

Well, no rest for the weary.

Peace out everyone.