Backpacking Pescadero Creek

Hello All,

We charged a most excellent backpacking adventure this weekend!

Santa Cruz mountains, sublimely warm afternoons, redwood groves.


The day started wayyyyyy early, like 5 am early. We dropped the lovely fellow blogger at the airport and then bummed around Palo Alto for a few hours, just loungin away.

Kinda felt a bit like high school. Just meandering the streets and killin the morning.

We hit the trailhead around noon and were immediately greeted with these glowing flowers.

No joke, they were glowing the most mesmerizing blues … Brilliant.

Dohug got a new Indiana Jones hat.

He looks like a boss in it.

Came upon this massive red wood early on.

Holy Moly!

This thing was masssssive. So massive. I mean seriously, those dudes are each the size of your average starting center in the NBA …

With Pontz.

Jut quiloxing away the day,


the doooog.

We were cruising all around this super thic redwood grove all afternoon.

With these real gnar patches of tree-homeys popping up everywhere, it felt all rad and dope and mystical.


So after a pretty mellow afternoon hike, we mob into camp.

And straight up … Tarwater camp is legit.

Excellent seating and fire and radness.

We turned the chill level up to an 11.


Thumbs up!

Our little friends rolled by as well.

Hello there little dude.

The watering hole had a solid jurassic park vibe going with it.

And damn – do those brand spankin new hats look good or what!

The Kernel and Aki rolled in a few hours later.

I don’t think that I have ever been out in the backcountry and coordinated a meetup with homeys before. Needless to say it was awesome being greeted in the evening with the dudes.

There were many fives.

And the fives were good.

Kernel has been watching a lot of survival shows lately. Like shows about this hippy and this military dude trying to make it in these crazy environments. And shows about this group of ppl in this staged post-apocalyptic world.

And as such we tried to make fire with flint.

A solid effort …. But sooooooo hard!

Spoiler alert: we used a lighter.

Slept well, awoke to a fresh brew.


nom. nom.

The Dudes!


Packed up, and hit the trail.


Doug at pescadero creek.

The mascot.

The Pontz!


Okay … I usually don’t just up and bail on a blog post.

I take a lot of pride in putting in a caption between each pic.

But, I am whooped. Super whooped.

And need to get up to go to work tomorrow.

So, it’s gotta be like this. I know, I am sorry, I am being lazy.