End of an Era

From End of an Era

Hello All!

This post has been on my mind for a long time. A very long time.

On August 15th, 2010 I moved into Hayes Valley with a group of first-class individuals. Rocci, Wistort, Siegel, Robertson. One I had known since high school, two since freshman year of college, and one, a new friend.

It was my second address in San Francisco. The beginning of a new chapter in life’s great novel for all of us. But it’s crazy how fast time moves as I get older. Somehow, nearly two and a half years have passed since we started our journey at the Hayes house. It’s a little bit of fear mixed together with a tremendous amount of happiness when I think of how quickly, yet how amazingly these 28 months have passed. There seem to be thousands of memories, some huge, many small, but all of them floating around my head in this awesome whirl reminding me how lucky I am. Damn … When I think of all that has happened since we got here.

And now, as I sit on my small blue love seat, with a crisp fall San Francisco sky-line casting joy through my window, the melancholy sound of acoustic Bob Dylan coming from JR’s room, and the soft hum of housemates slowly packing, I am getting … well … I am getting pretty nostalgic for all of this. Remembering when it began:



I am just overwhelmed.

And now … Ha … “You are my sunshine” has gently meandered from JR’s stereo into my room. Bringing with it exactly what it should bring.

Over these past few years, some dudes have moved in, some dudes have moved out, but the massive level of happiness Hayes St. brings has remained the same. Kernel, Rodic, Fritz. New friends, and the oldest of friends. You have brought such radness to this house. It’s not an adress, six(ish) bedrooms, nor the one bathroom that made this place what it is, it’s you who have made it home.

Okay, this post needs to move forward. The weight of the move could really weigh down on my writing here. Seriously, I could write paragraph after paragraph of memory-laden prose. Simon and Garfunkel is now on Robertson’s stereo. My eyes are a little blurry. And when I look up and see that I am writing like one sentence per song, the catharsis of all this becomes very real. I don’t want to stop writing, because I don’t want to leave this. I don’t want this great party to end.

Okay. How about I start going through the adventures of the last few weeks. And maybe circle back to the grand story of the rusty nail.

Earlier this month, I got to vote for my hero. What an honor.

From End of an Era

And around the same time, I got to spend a much needed evening with the man who more than anyone else, helped me get my life started in the city I love. Poppa Danch. You drove me to my first job interview downtown, got our first apartment in the Richmond, and was by my side during pretty much every major event of the past half decade. You are a great friend.

From End of an Era

And of course, this post would not be even close to complete without a visit from one of my other truly great friends. How Stevenson College House 4 was able to produce such a massive quantity of wonderful people is totally beyond me. Siegel, whenever you walk through our door, you bring just the most gigantic smile to my face. Dude, as Danch got us rolling with our first place in the city, it was your ingenuity and doggedness that brought us to this place in Hayes Valley. Well, that and a fat check.

Dude, keep up the hacking. Keep up the tinkering. Keep up the imagining. And Keep up being the profoundly joyous force you are.

From End of an Era

So ya, as you can probably tell by now, we are moving.

These past few months have been a taxing roller coaster of searching and imagining. Where are we going to live? Who will we live with? Am I moving to Oakland? Is everyone else gonna find a place and I will be all aced out? What the fuck? Seriously, what the fuck? Why did our house get bought and we need to leave?

But through all of this insanity, my fellow blogger has been right there. She is so wonderfully my best friend and great comforting force.

Nevertheless, going to tons and tons of open houses and trying to picture yourself in a new place every other day is taxing.

From End of an Era

But, you need to move forward. You always need to move forward. When then time comes to get after it, you fucking charge.

And with that, we pulled the trigger on a place in the SOMA.

Walking to the signing was nerve-racking.

From End of an Era

Getting it done was satisfying.

From End of an Era

And the weight lifted from our shoulders was truly wonderful.

Dudes! Here’s to the new place!

From End of an Era

It has been so long since the last post (which was so darn epic that I couldn’t really follow it up easily). So your tireless blogger is sitting on a mountain of content. But as I look at the pics, and think of the adventures, I am pretty stoked about the stories.

Hopped on Virgin.

From End of an Era

And flew to my second city.

A city with a special place in my heart.

A city I fell in love in.

From End of an Era

Hung out with these hotties.

How is everything so awesome.

From End of an Era

Went to a wedding and was still surrounded with babes.

Seriously, what the fuck.

From End of an Era

Kristin and Sauce. Your wedding was beautiful. You are beautiful. Congratulations.

Oh yeah … And welcome to the bay area. Stoked to have you!

From End of an Era

The after party was insane.

Jake Weisman was there.

Ronald Reagan was there.

From End of an Era

Got back to the city in time to celebrate the 30th birthday of another great friend. Sebastian, you rock. Straight up, you rock.

We got up early and jogged the bay before work.

From End of an Era

And headed down for a little morning ocean swim.

What a perfect way to spend your 30th. Excellent call.

From End of an Era

We geared up and charged it.

From End of an Era

And we charged it well.

From End of an Era


Dude, you have made this city such a tremendous place to be in.

From End of an Era

And of course, the lovely Mrs. deserves a mountain of credit for schlepping us all around and organizing a most excellent birthday adventure.


From End of an Era

As we move forward through these past weeks, we come up to the final “Nailed It” comedy show.

Dudes, it is not going to be easy for me to make it through this. There are so few experiences in my life that are as wonderful and unique as these shows. Like midnight movies in Santa Cruz, throwing comedy shows in your attic is just one of those once-in-a-lifetime things that will be talked about for as long as someone will listen, and probably even longer. Seriously, future kids, I am gonna tell you about this more often than you care to know about.

The weekend started with hosting these fine gentlemen.

From End of an Era

As always, the hours leading up to show were equal parts anxious and weird.

From End of an Era

There were dogs. Lots of dogs.

And the dogs were rad.

From End of an Era

Signs and donation jars.

It’s the little things.

From End of an Era

What a woman.

From End of an Era

And what a man.

From End of an Era

The space was clean. The beer on ice. The lights were dimmed.

And the party was ready.

From End of an Era

The lovely Anna brought her lovely friends.

From End of an Era

And Aki.

You are a good American now.

From End of an Era

The Pontz, in typical Pontz fashion, manned the bar for the start of the show.

Dude, it’s gonna be hard not living with you. These last four years have been beyond awesome. You are one of my great moral compasses, you are fucking rad.

From End of an Era

And the talent.

How the hell did this work out.

We basically had comedy central in our attic for two hours.

From End of an Era
From End of an Era
From End of an Era
From End of an Era
From End of an Era
From End of an Era

The crowd was ridiculous.

Somewhere around 100 people crammed upstairs for the show.

It was jus beyond cool.

From End of an Era

Murray and the peace grabbed some front-row seats.

So great having you guys.

I love it.

From End of an Era

As the night wore down, your blogger somehow managed to still take pictures.

I have no idea what was going by this point in the night.

But hey, I kept my hand steady and came away with a whole schlew of pictures that help piece together a very spotty memory from late that night.


From End of an Era

Piedmont came to the show.

As did our favorite regular – Robertson!!!

From End of an Era

The comics were hilarious in real life as well.

From End of an Era

And dudes.

Petting Zoo.


Thank you.

From End of an Era

Bummer no one else got the safety shirt memo.


From End of an Era

The always wonderful Alison came by as well.


From End of an Era

Ah shit.

These people.

From End of an Era

And that brings us to this weekend.

Giving thanks.

Went down to my Mom’s place for Thanksgiving. She has a way of brining my universe in order like no other.

And kiddish the kitty. You are too loveable.

Seriously, stop being so cute.

From End of an Era

Step Dad Greg took me on a little flight around the desert.

So rad!

From End of an Era

With the lights of Las Vegas slowly turning on in the background, we cruised around the desert and your tireless blogger had a front-row seat to a most epic Nevada evening.

From End of an Era

Most epic indeed.

From End of an Era

And that brings us to the end.

What a post.

Pandora has brought Dylan back on JR’s stereo. They housemates have moved from packing to chilling out in the attic. The City is still throwing out a glorious Fall afternoon. And, it is just proving really hard to finish this post. Indeed, I don’t want the party to end.

I moved into the Hayes house at almost the exact time I started my job at Pixar. In the first few months, I fell in Love with my greatest joy, Di Won. The life here epitomized the city I have always wanted to be a part of. Neighbors like Chris and Heidi and Grace and Fernando have made this community something that I will never forget, and very often miss. Our long hallways, and occasional bathroom lines, and scurrying mice, and movie nights, and dinner nights, and beers in the kitchen, and impromptu chill sessions on the porch, and acoustic jam sessions, and tense games of settlers, and thrones on the projector, and backpacking trips, and swims, and runs, and quiet evenings on the couch ,and hacking and, well, and all of the life that has blessed us in this place … it will be missed.

Here’s to the adventure.

9 thoughts on “End of an Era”

  1. Sean!! This post is epic! I feel like my favourite tv show just had it’s season finale. BUT YOU’VE BEEN SIGNED FOR 3 MORE SEASONS AT LEAST SO DON’T WORRY.

    Also, as always, HOT DAMN DIANA. YO SEXY GRRRRL

  2. i’m on the verge of tears upon reading this post. tears aren’t actually falling, but they’re VERGING. that says a lot.


  3. Feeling the love Sean. I salute you for cataloguing so many epic stories and sharing them with us in your own uniquely Sean ++ way. You, my friend, are rad!

  4. I got a little teared up reading this one too! So many great moments. So hard to remember them all. I just can’t wait to hang out with everyone in like 40 years, come back to this blog post, and take a long walk down Nostalgia Lane.

    And here’s to the next chapter!!!!

  5. Sean! A beautiful and epic description of what was truly an era in all of our lives. Thank you for so eloquently capturing the essence of the experience for the benefit of all of us (and our kids, and their kids).

    And dude, serious progress in both the writing and the photography skilz. Seriously. The words were moving and even poetic at times, and the portrait of Di, and the two of Jake were both top notch.

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