Australia, Until Next Time

From Australia, Until Next Time

Hello All,

I can’t believe that the trip is coming to an end.

After 14 days of pure awesome, we are packing up and getting ready to start our long journey home. From the rural to the urban, the sunny to the drizzly, the windy to the calm, the crowded to the empty, our experience here on this little slice of the continent down under has been greater than we could have ever imagined. It’s tough to leave. Very tough indeed.

And to leave behind our friends … Dudes we will miss you. Your charm and hospitality and unique version of Aussie stoke has left us refreshed. But it makes leaving that much tougher.

Also, I just listened to that new Rihanna song again, the one where the video has her in a bathtub, and it is making me that much more nostalgic and emo. Ugh, feelings.

But seriously, thank you!

You made out trip what it is. And we will never forget our time here.

From Australia, Until Next Time

The fellow blogger and I flew to Sydney for our last day. It felt right, kind of full circle ya know.

But spending the day walking around an empty city (it’s Good Friday here and the place shuuuuuts down for it) was rough. Really rough.

From Australia, Until Next Time

A glorious day was shining down on us though.

Oh Sydney.

You have so much perfect.

From Australia, Until Next Time

Nevertheless, the team’s spirits were down.

The long goodbye was only getting worse. We were going over our journey, remembering the near past like it was ages ago, and trying to stay positive in the face of ending what has been such a magical two weeks for us. Ugh. It was not easy. Indeed, it was downright kind of gloomy.

So there we are, just walking around the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Nothing too crazy going on.

When suddenly …

Out of the blue …

We bump into Dan and Jenni and the whole family!!! Gawwwwwhhhhh!!! It was fate. On our last day, sulking and trying to will an end to such a tremendous adventure, we bump into our UCSC friends (who we’d visited ten days earlier down here) and all is right in the world. What a plot twist. I couldn’t believe it!

We couldn’t have been more stoked.

How did the universe deliver us this beautiful family!

From Australia, Until Next Time

They invited us to come over in their gold charriot.


From Australia, Until Next Time

We had a BBQ and spent the day in their yard.

And the kiddos.

Life is good.

From Australia, Until Next Time


As the evening wore down, it seemed to embody our experience perfectly.

Time flew by in a way I have never felt it fly by.

Everything — Us leaving. Our weeks of journeying. Being down here in Aus. It all faded away. All that was left was that moment, there, at the kitchen table. Laughing, and chatting and enjoying the company and the lives of our friends.

We are blessed, Diana and I.

The universe is good to us.

From Australia, Until Next Time

Now, it is time to go home, and be great to the universe in turn.

See most of you soon, and to all those that we are saying goodbye to … Well … Until next time.