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Hello All,

The date: 2013-10-25

The city: Brooklyn, NY

The bride: Jessica Weeks

The groom: Michael Morgan Millican

The venue: The Green Building

The hashtag: #milliweeks

The crew: the usual …

From #Milliweeks

Our crazy 2013 wedding season went out in immaculate style.

Great friend from UCSC, Mike Millican, married one of the most lovely souls around, Jessica Weeks. The wedding and the crew and the season and everything came together exquisitely.

New York in the fall is as picturesque as a movie. It’s straight up rom-com: with all the yellow leaves and crisp central park walks and the sun setting over the Hudson … Being a recently engaged man strolling through the city was a feeling of pure joy.

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And of course.

The Fellow Blogger was as stunning as ever …

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It had been a few weeks since I’d seen this recently married man.

And some quality time with KT was much needed.

Haggard as ever, the non stop comedy flowed as easily as the talk of Evolutionary bio stats.

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And our AirBnB spot was like 3 minutes (one road soda) from the venue.

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The Green Building was perfect.

This rad open space that vibed our hosts so friggin well.

The lighting and the 6:30 PM start and the Bourbon and whole chill session was this pure Brooklyn experience. I love it.

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The filters were strong.

The drinks, stronger.

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Spending four days cruising around NY with this old man.


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Oh shit.

The Best Man!

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The night, which went much later then we’re used to out here on the west coast, started to slowly degrade into debauchery. Good thing, these upstanding citizens were keeping it all in check.

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But, it’s Millican’s weddding!


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And Weeks.

You are so beautiful and fun and … You are married to Millican … Holy Crap … This is the BEST!!! Millican and you are married and we are all stoooooking!

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Hi Lucy!

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This is a photo of people carrying me.

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… And the aftermath.

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Okay … So sometime later I made it home.

And passed out.

And thus finalized the last of the weddings in the most epic wedding season on my books.

Being in Brooklyn, Diana and I got to spend some quality time with Jen Kim.

(I even got to ride that single speed all around Williamsburg).

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So ya, that’s about it.

From Paso Robles in the summer, to Santa Cruz, to Los Angeles, to Brooklyn, I have been honored to attend 4 weddings in the past several months. Each with its own unique style, embodying the venue, the couple, the family and their friends. From rustic central California, to dramatic downtown LA, being a part of the magic that is a wedding is some of the best stuff in life. And to fly way out across the continent and see our wonderfully close friends Mike and Jess … Well I am stoked and inspired.

Cheers to you!

Here’s to a lifetime of hipness and happiness!

From #Milliweeks