Thirty Two

From Thirty Two

Hello All,

Today is my birthday. And right now, at this very moment, I am in the midst of turning thirty two.


Well … You know … the great benefit of a Sunday birthday is that you get to rally a full weekend of merrymaking. From Friday to now, I have been blessed with a whirlwind of celebration, appreciation and intoxication!

Friday night, per the usual, we met at the dock.

From Thirty Two

My dudes were there.

A motley collection of old and new friends, we hung out under the lights of the city, chatted a good chat, and were all around stoking at the night that lay ahead.

From Thirty Two

This has been a tradition for a lot of years now.

We walk from the ferry building to the outer Richmond, brownbagging, laughing and marauding through parks. It’s a party that takes around 3 hours and covers nearly 7 miles. It is one of my favorite nights of the year.

From Thirty Two

We lived it up.


From Thirty Two

And we even picked up stragglers along the way.


From Thirty Two

The city passes by in a blur.

The blocks connecting the financial district and the outer richmond are so familiar to your blogger; they move by like these wispy little clouds quickly floating through the sky. Crossing Sacramento – Van Ness – Divisadero – 2nd Avenue … Walking through my city with my crew is just pure, unfiltered bliss. It’s like the most epic moving bar ever.

From Thirty Two

Dinner, as usual, was at Tommy’s.

A huge thank you to the Fellow Blogger, Anna, Anna, Angela, Sara, and the Laurno. They waited there for a bunch of drunkards to finally stumble in. You are all gems.

Okay, so I get up on Saturday and we road trip!

Di planned a surprise weekend trip up North, and life just kept getting more awesome.

We went through redwoods.

From Thirty Two

Seriously, I Love Road Tripping With Her!

It’s just the coolest.

Can’t believe I get to marry you … Stoked.

From Thirty Two

So the place that Di booked for the weekend was beyond epic.

The only comparison that could even remotely come to mind was Eden Australia.

With the most dramatic views of the Pacific unfolding right by our window, I was in a state of mega of awe when we arrived at our little spot.

From Thirty Two

The place is Bettilou’s Inn and you need to go there if you are gonna stay in Mendocino. No question about it, just stay there.

Here’s a pic of the spot from afar, standing on the other side of the bay – It’s that little spec of cottages across the way over there:

From Thirty Two

We spent the afternoon hiking along the beach and exploring the northern coast.

It was rad.

From Thirty Two

Totally rugged nature up there.

I hella dig all these rivers flowing down to the coast and creating these sweet ass rock/tree features along the way.

From Thirty Two

And our evening was spent sipping wine on this deck.

The universe is good to us.

From Thirty Two

Morning rolls in and we’re greeted with a whole mob of humingbirds.


From Thirty Two

And coffee.

Really darn good coffee.

From Thirty Two

Spent most of the day driving home South on Highway One.

Couldn’t image a better way to spend the birthday.

From Thirty Two

And capped it off with a movie down the street and an evening jog up Bernal Heights.

Dude. Couldn’t be more grateful.

From Thirty Two

And this one …

I know that I blog about this topic pretty often here, but it bears repeating. Ya know, a lot of this site is basically my living journal, and I love coming back here to just remember about things that were going on way back when. And if there is one thing I want to impart on future me reading this, it’s that you have the most wonderful life partner in the world. She makes your life what it is.

From Thirty Two