Summer 2014

From Summer 2014

Hello All,

What a rad pic, right!? It’s my Mom and Di’s Mom trying on Hanboks (traditional Korean dress) for the wedding! Oh My God It’s Happening! We are now at T-minus 2 months. Woah!

So … As Summer slowly turns to Fall, just wanted to get in a post with a bunch of photos of all you lovely people. From LA to the Bay to the Pacific Northwest, this season has been pedal to the medal. The fellow blogger and I have been so booked with work and travels and wedding planning … It’s just been plain nuts around here lately.

Nevertheless, the blog must go on. And go on it will.

Let the adventures unfold …

We should start with Seattle. We traveled up north to get in some partying for Jo’s birthday.

From Summer 2014

The commune re-assembled from its European adventures to hit up this gem of a city in the northwest.

We saw the sights, drank the beers, chilled out. Typical faire for us.

From Summer 2014

And of course enjoying a new city with the woman I am gonna marry is pretty awesome as well.

From Summer 2014

One of the big highlights from the Seattle trip were these beast mode runs I would go on with Albert.

Got to hoof it through some really cool parts of the city.

From Summer 2014

Now let’s travel south back the East Bay, Yo!

… Wow, that was sure fast … The flight is almost 2 hours, but on Sean++ we are there in like 2 seconds!

So here we are chilling in Berkeley celebrating this man’s birthday!

From Summer 2014

And since the fellow blogger and I moved over to Oakland, we haven’t really been into the city all that much.

But, from time to time, when the evening is right, we can find the spirit to rally and meet up with the old crew.

From Summer 2014

My brain trust is in order.

Love these guys.

From Summer 2014

The lovely AK and Kernel came out to Pixar a few weeks back.

Was a huge treat hanging with them and wandering around the hood.

From Summer 2014

Anna and JR.

Totally excellent seeing more of them on this side of the Bay.

(Also, huuuuge props to my buddy Jamie … Kid got into b-school at Cal … No joke impressive.)

From Summer 2014

Hmmm … What else can we cover here.

Ohhh … I am gonna head over to Facebook real fast and boost a photo from my big brother’s feed.

Okay, back now.

So my big bro and Dad were trekking all around Columbia. Baller.

From Summer 2014

Okay … Back to CA.

Look at all this travelling we are doing here. Fun!

Gonna finish up the blog down south in LA.

Been spending some QT down in what feels like my second home, and couldn’t be more stoked on all our So Cal adventures.

From Summer 2014

Got a chance to introduce my Mom and Aunt Mary to the in laws and the LA crew.

Pretty rad seeing them hang in Little Tokyo!

From Summer 2014

Here’s a jumping pic of Laffite.

From Summer 2014

And here’s a pic of my buddy Mike from the Peace Corps days.

This man is champion in every sense of the word.

From Summer 2014

And on that note …

Have a wonderful evening all.

I know that the blog has been spottier than usual lately. Not sure what the best way is to remedy that. Between social media, and the grind at work, and the wedding, and life happening and a seemingly faster pace every day, finding time to sit and write a post has been hard to come by. Nevertheless, the blog, I am sure, will find a way to soldier on.

Much love.