Tina and Henrik

From Tina and Henrik

Hello All,

Di’s cousins (and our great friends) Tina and Henrik got married this past weekend in Berkeley, California.

What a lovely, authentic and joyous gathering. All of Di’s cousins got together for the weekend, partying and chilling and enjoying this ridiculously cool event.

And straight up … These two souls make such a wonderful pair … They even blessed our home with sage when we first moved to the East Bay. Love them.

From Tina and Henrik

The weekend extravaganza started early with a tour of Pixar.

So cool bringing the family by the hood.

From Tina and Henrik

Also … They are legit Pixar fans.

So bringing them around the studio was that much cooler.

From Tina and Henrik

The venue for the wedding was The Berkeley City Club.

Designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan, this place is totally my jam.

With a straight up Hearst Castle vibe around the whole space, cruising through the rooms and all around was a totally rad experience. Friggin love California.

From Tina and Henrik

What a wedding.

The Paebek after the ceremony was the fourth one I have ever attended. And it was so dope.

From Tina and Henrik

But … Mixed in with all of the Hanboks were the Norwegians!!!

Henrik is a true Scandinavian, and his family all came in from Norway and rocked their traditional garb as well.

Too friggin rad to see this all come together.

From Tina and Henrik

And of course … My date.

What else is there to say other than you make me the luckiest man in the world.

From Tina and Henrik

Sunday after the wedding, family hike in Moraga.

What up Wons!!!

From Tina and Henrik

So … That’s that.

Cousins … Congrats. Couldn’t be more stoked for you.

Henrik … Welcome to the family. Tina … You are a goddess.