Backpacking Pescadero Creek

Hello all!

The days are getting longer, the winds are blowing fervently, and wildflowers are flourishing. Indeed, spring is here.

And there’s no better way to welcome in the season than to backpack through one of my favorite forests. The perfect balance to all of the screens and apps and deadlines and stresses of civilized living, heading out into the back country for the weekend is the best therapy I know of.

I geared up Thursday night.

Rocci and I left for the peninsula Friday afternoon.

After registering at Memorial Park, we parked the car at the Hoffman Creek trailhead.

We hit the trail as afternoon was slowly turning to dusk, and were immediately enveloped by the grandeur of the redwood forest.

It’s almost instant, that moment when you leave your car at the trailhead, begin venturing into the back country, and let the natural world consume all of your senses.

There’s really nothing else like it.

As we cruised along the trail, the mascot came out.

What up Slugs!!!

The rain started to fall and the gear came out.


Making the start of our adventure that much cooler, just as the rain started to really come down, we also had to do a river crossing. It was awesome.

Trekking through the water, rain pouring on us, life was good.

Our camp for the first night was Shaw Flat.

We had the whole place to ourselves.

Super chill.


We broke the gear out.

And got to the business of setting up camp.

We got our sleeping rig all tricked out.

Chillllllin …

We built a fire, made a bomb dinner, and hung out in our most excellent of camps that night.

It was perfect.

Got up the next morning, stoked the fire, got breakfast going. Got my camping brew on.

This is my jam.

Packed up our gear.

Time to hit the trail and continue along on our journey.

Rolled along the Pomponio Trail.

And through some of the most vibrant green forests I’ve seen in a looooong time.

It’s so refreshing to our state glowing again.

Our camp site at Tar Water was absolutely kick ass.

Dude. I fucking dig backpacking so much.

Spent the afternoon lounging on the river.

Zenning out to this view.

Our afternoon hike took us through the dopest of the dope forests.

Dude. Seriously, this is the best.

Our dinner the second night was next level.

Made this ridiculous sausage curry dish.

Hellllllls ya.

Got up this morning, got our brew on.


And as we hiked out, back to reality, Rocci and I enjoyed one more trek through this vibrant Spring redwood forest.

Damn, I love this place.

Much love all.

Here’s the album with all the pics!