We safely made it to Paris, and couldn’t be more stoked after our first 24 hours in this phenomenally cool city.

From the balcony of our lovely Airbnb rental, your blogger is in a state of utter contentment, enjoying an evening breeze, the sounds of a bustling city below, and a crisp French beer.


Our journey began yesterday afternoon … An eternity ago if you factor in the nine hour time change and the gnarly jet lag that’s starting to kick in.

Side note: as I am writing this post Di is telling me in fairly strong language that this blog post is something like “a history of being completely basic” and she wants her protestations to be cataloged. Duly noted, my love! <3

Back to the adventure now.

SFO … Getting our Lonely Planet on.

The flight over wasn’t actually all that bad. Between a movie, a couple TV shows, and a nap, it really went by quickly.

Virgin Atlantic takes their in-flight ambience to the next level with tinting their windows to match the night club like feel of their internal lights. Dope.

We landed yesterday evening and took the RER B train from the airport to Châtelet – Les Halles. We stepped out into a Parisian wonderland of sidewalk cafes and overflowing enchantment.

It’s been 14 years since I was last here, and that first glance of the city brought back so much nostalgia and joy and stoke. It’s good to be back.

We strolled in Le Marais and Les Halles all evening and it was perfect.

It seems like there are more cafes than cars in this city. Every block feels as though it’s literally spilling out into the streets, with these iconic tiny little tables all crammed together and humming with the sounds of Parisians eating, drinking, and smoking.

A huge swatch of our neighborhood is covered with these rad little cobble stone streets. Little alleys snaking through large boulevards, the medieval city planning remains to this day.

As we strolled through the town last night all I could do was soak it in.


We had duck and sandwiches and wine and it was all excellent.

I’ve been to this city a few times when I was younger. But this is the first time I’ve been here with any amount of actual money. As such, I was like “fuck it, we’re getting the Bordeaux”.

Got up this morning and walked past the Hotel de Ville.

Across the Seine and by Notre Dame.

What a truly wonderful morning. Fresh baked croissants, French coffee, the love of my life, the Seine …

Dudes; totally stoking here.

We stopped by the coolest book store on planet earth, Shakespeare and Company.

This spot is the jam! Hemingway and Ezra Pound and James Joyce … The dudes who came and wrote here make up a who’s who of literary badassery!

Cruising around the stacks ..

There’s this absurdly sick library upstairs where you can read and hang out next to typewriters and bask in the awesomeness of the place.

Found some Somerset Maugham and chilled.

Made Di walk like a coupe miles to see Hemingway’s apartment.

Thought there’d be a museum there, but there wasn’t. Just this plaque.

Still worth it (or not)!

Meandered all around the Latin Quarter.

This is the Pantheon. Voltaire, Curie, Hugo, and Rousseau are all buried there. #Respect

Time for a long lunch and a beer.

We walked along the blvd St. Germaine and looked at all the stores where everything cost like a bajillion dollars.

Still cool tho.

Les invalides!

After like a solid six mile urban hike we made it to the Eiffel Tower.

Whew! Hello There!

But, the weather is all crazy and it started to rain so we took cover and got snacks.

Okay … That’s it for this post.

So great being back in this city. Paris is truly the epitome of wonderfulness.