Rome – our last stop on this trip – has been bittersweet since the moment we arrived. The city is as tremendous as its history, with towering cathedrals and never-ending cobble stoned streets; but as we knew that this was our final adventure for this vacation, we’ve been majorly bummed knowing we have to leave Italy.

Nevertheless, we were determined to live it up in Rome, and see as much of this place as we could.

Our first stop was mega. The pantheon is a site like none other. It’s the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world, and it was built nearly 2,000 years ago. Fuck.

As this was Di’s first time in Rome, we had to make the absolute most of our 3 days here.

Trevi Fountain FTW!

Altare della Patria.


We’ve been watching HBO’s Rome lately (obviously to prepare for this trip), so walking into the forum was an especially awesome experience. Having just watched the trials and tribulations of Caesar, Antony, and that wily Octavian, our explorations through here were wonderful.

What a joy to reach so far back in history.

The Coliseum.

What else can I say …

Just a pure joy getting to walk through here …

The next day we got up insanely early for a guided tour of the Vatican, and it was totally worth it. We took this wonderful 4 hour walking tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. I know it sounds intense, but the tour guide was CRAZY legit knowledgable having majored in biblical studies and archeology. It was probably the best tour of our lives.

Such a great way to cap off this amazing adventure.

The Pope is chillin.

And Dude. Raphael. Homey could paint a fresco!

Map room was one of my favorites.

Shout out to Sicily here.

And St. Peter’s. It’s the biggest church in the world. No big deal.

We walked all around the neighborhood we are staying, Trastevere in the evening. This was such a great find on the fellow blogger’s part. The vibe here is perfect for eating and exploring and enjoying the city.

On our third day we mellowed out with a visit to the Villa Farnesina, a gem of Renaissance architecture and art.

Just so nice to connect with the past, one last time, before heading back to reality.

So ya … That’s about it. Gotta get this post done so that we can stuff ourselves with meat, pasta and wine for the last time in this wonderful country!

Italy, you’ve been beyond amazing to us. We’ll be back.