Père Lachaise


Our last day in Paris was perfection. We continued our exploration of the city on foot, covering nearly nine miles as we trekked through a bunch of awesome neighborhoods. From the Marais to Père Lachaise, we meandered about the city and soaked up this wonderful little vacation.

Morning came, and so did the sun. We opened the windows from the bedroom and were immediately greeted with our pleasant Parisian rooftop view.

It feels like the city totally sleeps in on the weekends.

Saturday morning at 10:30 and the roads were empty.

We stop by Poilâne Boulangerie in our neighborhood, and pick up some of the most bomb ass croissants I’ve ever had.

This is the business right here.

By around noon or so the neighborhoods began to stir, and the Parisians flocked to the sidewalk cafes.

I still can’t get over how friggin lovely this food culture is. Seriously, it feels like there are a half dozen cafes on every single block, each one spilling out onto the sidewalks with locals eating drinking and smoking.

The French know how to live.

We make it up the hill and into Père-Lachaise.

Now, I’m not much a cemetery person, but it was a total highlight.

This super peaceful oasis of cobble stone paths and lush trees, Père-Lachaise is tucked in the middle of a whole web of bustling intersections, yet singularly zenned out.

Chopin’s grave truly feels fitting of the dude.

And Oscar Wilde’s is this crazy epic grave that totally makes sense is this weird way.

From Père-Lachaise we stop to get sandwiches.

Not just any sandwiches mind you … These bad boys are stuffed to the brim with life altering goodness.

We hit up the Picasso Museum in the afternoon.

Homeboy is a total trip.

Spent the evening watching the tour de France in a Parisian cafe.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

One of the best things about social media is when it spills into real life. And on our last day in Paris, the awesomeness of that flourished in a huge way.

So I was on Instagram checking out all the sweet pics from my friends, when I see that my buddy from high school, Peter, was in the South of France a couple days ago. On a whim I comment on his pic that I’ll be in Paris and if he’s in the city then we should meet up for a drink. Turns out, he was!

I haven’t seen this dude in 10+ years, but on a drizzly afternoon in Paris I get to have a beer with an old friend. This world can be cool as fuck sometimes.

As Di and I walk back to our Airbnb after dinner, we were greeted with an exquisite sunset. Light bouncing all around and illuminating the buildings … Dude … It was next level.

And that’s that.

What a city! What an adventure!

There’s something about Paris that I just can’t fully put into words. The center of so much art, culture, and history, it’s as if it casts a spell on you the moment you enter. Sitting in the cafes, having a drink, spending hours upon hours chatting and hanging, the closeness I feel with those epic writers of the past is palpable when I am here.

And to spend this time with my Love. It truly doesn’t get any better.

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