Palermo, dudes! What an absolute gem!

We only had 24 hours in this bustling yet ancient port city, but walking around for the day was one of the coolest travel experiences of my life. Greek, Roman, Arabic, and Norman conquerers have each had their turn ruling this place, and the blend of architectural influences makes for an absurdly epic experience.

We arrived in the morning and were greeted with a dramatic view of these sweet ass coastal mountains towering over the airport.

After taking a bus into the center of the city, we dropped off our bags at the bnb and started our exploration.

We were immediately greeted with these lively and gritty winding alleys that cut all across the city.

The blind alleys spill out into these dramatic open squares peppered with little shops.

In the center of the old town, Quattro Canti, you’re dwarfed by an intersection of truly amazing old churches.

Seriously, I’ve never seen any place like this before. It’s this gritty and dramatic collection of ancient buildings that are all crammed together giving you this other worldly feel.

The new look.

Literally smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sicily is a magical place sitting at the crossroads of like every single ancient civilization.

I was reading a history of this place and the author noted that when Homer visited Sicily 2,700 years ago, there had already been 2,700 years of history before him on this island.

We spent the afternoon hanging out in the square under the Chiesa di Sant’Anna la Misericordia.

A cold beer on a hot day in a new city.

Doesn’t get much better.

And these facades!


The home to so many different people, spanning such an absurd amount of time, the international feel of Palermo is palpable everywhere.

A street sign in Italian, Hebrew, and Arabic. Love it.

So many balconies adorned with all these lovely green plants. Walking around in the afternoon was just splendid.

We made our way down to the water and walked along the docks.

Passing through this garden with super cool tropical trees.

Dudes! Seriously, I love this city.

Such a unique blend of life.

And the food.

Totally next level experience here.

Okay! That’s that!

Our adventures through Sicily now continue onto Marsala.

Much Love all!

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