Sicily has been a truly next level vacation experience for us. The past five days here have been an uninterrupted series of adventures, meals, swims, drives, and good old fashion hang sessions.

We are so off the charts satisfied with our journey here. It’s been the trip of a lifetime. Traveling through this island in this mix of gritty and spectacular. Lonely Planet depicts it perfectly: “Sicily’s complexities sometimes seem unfathomable. To really appreciate this place, come with an open mind – and a healthy appetite.”

Unfathomable, indeed.

The rolling golden hills dotted with vineyards and ruins make the Sicilian countryside a driving experience like no other. We’ve gotten to see a decent amount of the northwest corner of the island, and I am really stoked to share some of these absurdly badass places with you all!

First up, Segesta … This ancient city of the Elymian people even got a shout out from Virgil in the Aeneid. Woot!

There was a tremendous view from the top of the amphitheater.

And the countryside surrounding the ruins was glorious.

Standing so close to so much history has an inspiring affect. Getting right up next to these gigantic columns and using a little imagination to walk thousands of years in the past, your blogger was getting a solid amount of historical stoke on.

Dinner was in Marsala at a restaurant in this awesome little square.

The ambience here was exactly what we wanted from Sicily. Dude!

Accommodations on point!!!!!!!

With a pool and views of the sea, we have had five days of awesomeness. This post is being drafted right now from the bottom floor of this house, and glancing up from my monitor I can literally look out to the Mediterranean.

There has been one thing that is un-stoke about this trip however. My dude, CapeMars, has been laid up something gnar with a bad back during our trip. Homey has spent pretty much the whole time at the villa while the rest of us go out and explore.

But he’s been making the best of it with wine, hacking, and a decent view.

We made dinner here one night and shit got real.

(photo above missing the glorious pesto pasta Alon made.)

Our team has been a most excellent collection of humans for this Sicilian adventure. JoV and CapeMars invited their other friends Galeet and Alon to come down, who, in total awesome parenting fashion agreed to come and bring their 1 year old! It was such a fun collection of old friends and new friends!

Below we are chilling hard core at the San Vito lo Capo beach.

It’s been quite a beach experience.

So after a looooong beach day, like five hours out there, we were all ready for a mellow dinner and an easy drive back to our place. But instead we got tricked! Alon, was all like “if we just go 15 mins out of the way there’s this cool restaurant in this town Erice”. And we’re like 15 mins isn’t that bad.

We start driving up this windy hill with amaaaaazing views and realize this 15 minute detour is a rouse! It’s gonna be quite a trek out of the way … But these views make it so worth it!

Drove up literally the steepest hills of my life in our tiny little manual transmission rental car and arrived in Erice. It was worth it times a thousand!

A ridiculously well preserved medieval town like 1,500 feet directly above the sea. Exploring these windy ancient streets was an absolute highlight.

Every time I turned my head I was all like “DUDE”.

Seriously, this was a total life highlight.

The entrance to the restaurant was straight out of Game of Thrones.

Like seriously … It doesn’t get much cooler than this …

Clouds began to crawl over the sea and our extremely elevated view provided us with a restaurant experience like no other. As the sun set and we enjoyed our wine, squid, pasta and assorted goodness, the day felt totally complete.

And to be here with my Love, I can not express the joy and contentment and happiness of that evening.

They literally served the pasta right from the pan.

And we were all like … ooooohhhhh … aaaaahhhhhhh

After dinner we explored the castle in Erice.

Built by the Normans in the 11th century, this spot was one of the main outposts for the crusades. Dude. Historical nuggets like this make Sicily just so neat to travel through. It’s been involved in so much history over the past five thousand years, and that history is on display pretty much everywhere you go throughout this place.

The view of the castles and the city below.

Our last day was unbelievable.

Di and I took a ferry out to Favignana, an island 30 minutes off the coast of Western Sicily that has this super cool vibe going on. Wondering around the streets was dope.

We rented a scooter and explored the edges of the island.

Had a smile on my face the entire time 🙂

The fellow blogger’s search for crystal clear waters was finally satisfied on our tour through Favignana. We stopped off at this sleepy little cove for an afternoon swim.

And were greeted with a view that is beyond stoke.

The highlight of Favignana – and perhaps the entire trip – were these ruins that went right into the sea. A series of caves overlooking the Mediterranean, Bue Marino was an Indiana Jones level adventure on the edge of this tiny little island.

As the ruins literally spilled out into the sea, the cliff jumping was AMAZING. Getting to climb up ancient steps and jump out into crystal clear waters was a level of cool that I can not possible put into words.

(WARNING: I may or may not be wearing a speedo in this photo. EVERYONE WAS DOING IT.)


Getting to experience Sicily was a top life event for us. And beyond all of the exploring and sightseeing and historical radness, was a great group of friends – some old and some new – spending our time laughing and lounging and eating and drinking. Vacationing in a style truly fit for this unfathomable place.


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