We’ve had an illustrious two days in Florence, spending countless hours walking throughout this pristinely maintained architectural gem of a city. The churches, the cobble stone streets, the medieval facades, the dramatic bridges, Florence is indeed an absolute treasure. 

First things first. 

Italian pour over. 

The fellow blogger and I hit the ground running, walking over to il Duomo on our first morning in the city. 

The facade is breathtaking. And the sheer scale of the building is so massive and glorious that you can’t help but just stop right where you are and gape when you first see it. 

Such a incredible place.  

The size of the buildings and the even greater size of their history truly makes you feel tiny in their presence. 

The interior of the church was as grand and historical as the exterior.

After a long and hot walk through the city, we enjoyed a phenomenal sandwich / Chianti lunch. 

Dudes. The food. 

Spent the afternoon exploring with our squad. Mars’ back is on the mend, and having the band back together for the day really made the trip feel complete. 

Ordered my first negroni at the bar where it was literally invented. 

I’ve decided I like these now. 

As if the city could get any more epic, dusk brought out the marbled church in a way that felt almost magical. 

It’s just beyond words here. 

Up early and charging the stairs for a view!

The climb was hot and gnar and I had a decent Chianti hangover … But the view was so worth it. 

Such a lovely city with such a lovely partner. 

Florence, we cool.  

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