Our first experience at an agriturismo was idyllic, magical, otherworldly… Podere Spedalone, a working farm gently tucked into a Tuscan hillside, has given us a travel experience like no other.

With views of majestic, golden rolling hills, and food that’s as wonderful as you could possibly imagine, this place is not just a vacation highlight, it’s a life highlight.

The communal dinners served for the 25 or so guests of the agriturismo are these four hour long affairs full of amazing zucchini dishes, red wine, and pastas that are as delicious as the region is photogenic.

And the views. Dude. THE VIEWS. Equal parts green and gold, these Tuscan hills are magical.

The moment we arrived we were greeted with refreshing white wine, relaxing vistas, and good conversation.

Tuscany. You’re crushing it.

Our host Fabrizio was one of the best parts of our stay here in Spedalone. The tour through the farmhouse and accommodations was an hour of history, laughing, and of course wine.  The level of hospitality here is simply inspiring.

Our room is beyond awesome.

With a cool little patio that has vines draped over the awning, our home these past four days has been so lovely it’s painful thinking about leaving.

We took a day trip out to explore the vineyards of Montalcino, in search of the famed Brunello.

This stuff is my jam!

Dinner back at Podere Spedalone.

The panzanella is life-changing.

Di and JoV were telling me that when they were reading reviews of this place someone wrote that if you don’t like it here you literally don’t like pleasure. Soooo spot on.

And to be enjoying these epic meals with our travel buddies … So friggin rad.

The next day we drove out to Montalcino, a super ridiculously awesome town on top of a hill looking over the vineyards. Cobble stoned streets and history and food and of course … Brunello … We had a stoked evening up here.

In search of wine, the team was in the highest of spirits.

Went to a particularly ingenious wine shop where you get a card, go up to the bottles you wanna taste, and then place your glass underneath a spout and a little shot just comes right out for you, charging the card accordingly. I know that places like this exist in the states, but this was my first experience.

Tasted like a dozen of these bad boys here.

The after dinner stroll through Montalcino was equal parts happy stoke and sad stoke. It was our last dinner with Mars and JoV for this trip. From Spain to Zion to Thailand, our adventures with them have been unforgettable. The meals and the hang sessions and the hikes have all come together to make some epic vacays. But it was a fitting finale to this stretch of travels to spend it here, cruising the cobble stones, full from wild boar and pasta, searching for more gelato.

And who knows, maybe we’ll hop on a plane in a few months and see them in Bali or something.

Tuscany … You’ve been good to us …